About Dr. Jeff Morley

I have been a Registered Psychologist in private practice since 2004. From 1990-2013 I was a police officer with RCMP.  My policing experience has given me great first hand experience facing trauma, suffering, and working with people in distress.  In my practice I work with many first responders, but also diverse groups of people from the community.  I provide individual counselling and psychotherapy, couple and family counselling, and I also teach in different settings and provide training on trauma, resilience, workplace psychological health, peer support and Critical Incident Stress Management.

In my work I place great value on developing an effective therapeutic relationship.  I value being authentic, honest, and kind.  I always ensure my therapeutic work is evidence-based, and grounded science and research while also being practical and focused on meeting my client's therapeutic goals.

The following pages will tell you more specifically about my approach to counselling and psychotherapy, and may help you decide if I might be a good fit for you.

On a personal note, I have been married for over 30 years, with a daughter, and house full of pets!

I have been in private practice, and Registered with BC College of Psychologists since 2004.

My formal education includes:

  • A. (Sociology) – McMaster University 1990
  • A. (Counselling Psychology) – Trinity Western University 2000
  • D. (Counselling Psychology) – University of British Columbia 2003

Selected specialty training:

  • American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress – Board Certified Expert in Traumatic Stress
  • American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress – Certification in Acute Traumatic Stress Management
  • Canadian Foundation for Trauma Research and Education – Foundation Level Self-Regulation Therapy
  • BC School of Professional Psychology – EMDR & Secondary Trauma
  • BC School of Professional Psychology – EMDR Training
  • BC School of Professional Psychology – Therapeutic Enactment Director Training
  • BC School of Professional Psychology – Advanced Group Process Training
  • Multidiscipline Association for Psychedelic Studies (2021) – MDMA-Assisted Therapy Training

 Professional Development:

  • Harvard Medical School (2023) – Psychedelic Psychotherapy
  • Open Foundation (2022) – Psychedelic Science Conference
  • Harvard Medical School (2020) Treating Couples
  • Harvard Medical School - PTSD Conference (2018)
  • Harvard Medical School – Compassion in Practice (2016)
  • Harvard Medical School – Women & Psychotherapy (2o13)
  • American Psychological Association – Work, Stress & Health (2011)
  • Harvard Medical School – Relentless Hope:  The Refusal to Grieve (2010)
  • ISTSS Annual Conference (2010)
  • US National Center for PTSD – Clinical Residency (2010)
  • Milton Erickson Foundation – Evolution of Psychotherapy Conference (2009)
  • American Psychological Association – Psychologically Healthy Workplace Conference (2009)
  • Harvard Medical School – Trauma, Consciousness and the Body (2008)
  • Omega Institute / Dr. Daniel Goleman – Emotional Intelligence (2008)
  • BC Psychological Association – Ethics for Psychologists (2008)
  • Justice Institute of BC  – The Mindful Brain (2007)
  • Harvard Medical School – Phase-Oriented Treatment of Trauma (2005)
  • Harvard Law School Program on Negotiation – Managing Conflict in the Workplace (2004)
  • BC Law Society – Advanced Mediation Clinic (2004)
  • Trinity Western University – Meaning & Addiction Workshop (2005)
  • BC Psychological Association – Emotion Focused Therapy Workshop (2005)
  • BC Psychological Association – Ethics in Psychology (2005)
  • University of British Columbia – Vicarious Trauma in the Workplace (2004)
  • Canadian Forces / Department of National Defense – Conflict Coaching (2005)