Group Counselling

I find many people are shy or hesitant to engage in group counselling, until they have had an experience of it.  I myself was hesitant to learn about or facilitate group sessions until I had several very powerful experiences in group.  Group can afford a type of healing and growth that individual counselling often cannot.  The opportunity to receive feedback from several different people, to hear many different perspectives, and to learn from others can be powerful and deeply meaningful.  Group dynamics, whether they be families, workplaces, teams, or communities are often complex and challenging.  Group counselling can help us not only learn more deeply about ourselves, but also to better understand group dynamics, the group roles we often find ourselves in, and teach us skills for more consciously navigating our time in different types of groups.

Upcoming groups include a series of 5 day, residential Resilience Workshops for police officers, which you can learn more about through clicking here.

I also offer Men’s Groups twice a year.  They run 6 Monday evenings in a row, usually in Vancouver.  These groups are for men wanting to be more conscious and self-aware and to learn more about themselves, other men, and what the wisdom of depth psychology has to offer them.  The groups are anchored in Jungian psychology, and group discussion includes a focus on healthy, mature masculine archetypes as articulated in the book King Warrior Magician Lover by Robert Moore and Doug Gillette.